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ShubhAarogya Healthcare Services is a private limited company set up in 2015. It focuses on Convenient, Accurate and Affordable health care solutions for rural India.

Its first offering, ShubhAarogya handles basic primary screening, patient data records, video consultations, drug delivery and follow-ups.

The technology platform is thoughtfully backed up with a robust team of co-ordinators who bring health care services directly to rural households.

ShubhAarogya e-clinics at each Mandal level are well-equipped medical units with a well-stocked pharmacy, a licensed pharmacist and professionally qualified nurse.


Veeraraghava Polina from Kovvur

This 52-year-old housewife from Kovvur, burnt her leg in a kitchen accident recently. The local Government medical center did not treat it well due to which Polina could not stand on her feet. ShubhAarogya Nurse Subbalaxmi organized a telecall with Dr Chandrashekhar and arranged for the medicines to be delivered immediately to Polina ' s home. Within 15 days, the wound healed completely and Polina is back on her feet.

Somashekar Ganta from Vemuluru village

When this 63-year-old fell down, his left side was semiparalyzed. He could not walk. He was getting treated from a local private doctor without any improvement. A ShubhAarogya doctor prescribed injectable medicines twice a week. He is currently still under treatment but is able to walk with support.

Strategic Partnerships

The 70 % of the Indian population that resides in rural areas, has little access to quality health care. ShubhAarogya decided to make a bold attempt to address this need. With a team, which has deep-rooted experience and exposure to the sensitivities of rural India, a comprehensive health care solution and clear revenue streams, ShubhAarogya is confident

of expanding its services Telangana in the short term and across India in the long term.India is poised to be among the top 3 health care markets in the world with incremental growth by 2020. We believe we are well poised to achieve our dream of building a healthier and more productive


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